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The Group Caja Rural, nowadays one of the main banking groups operating in Spain, has a strong financial soundness, more than 50.000 Million € in shares and more than 3.900 Million € in own funds. Likewise, it has a wide network of offices spread across the country.

Belonging to this Group allows all Caja Rural branches to offer to their partners and clients a wide range of high quality products and services of universal, specialized and personalized nature thanks to the deep knowledge every Caja Rural branch has regarding their markets at a local and regional level.

In order to properly develop its mission, the Group Caja Rural is supported by certain participating entities such as Banco Cooperativo Español, Rural Servicios Informáticos, and Seguros RGA. The institutional framework representing the Group Caja Rural, as well as the business structure arising around it confirms the consolidation of the biggest and most recent concentration process carried out in the Spanish cooperative banks.
The resulting integration system is a federated banking model permitting the autonomy of each Caja Rural branch without renouncing to essential requisites such as banking operativeness and business efficiency; at the same time, it avoids certain limitations regarding individual dimensions of Caja Rural branches and their actual geographical area of operation.

The banking system chosen by the Group Caja Rural is characterized by an operative decentralization and the application of the subsidiary principle, which has been developed on a basis of legal and decision-taking independence criteria of each member.

The integration formula adopted by the Group Caja Rural has followed the same steps as other similar systems of cooperative banking of long tradition and success in Europe. Some of them are among the most important banking groups in the continent such as the Rabobank in the Netherlands, the Crédit Agricole Mutuel in France or the German system Volksbanken-Raiffeisenbanken, known in Spain thanks to its central entity Banco Cooperativo Español, the society Rural Servicios Informáticos and the company DG BANK, which hold a market share of 29.27% and 20% respectively.